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Summary of Pathfinder panel in adobe illustrator

09 July

Summary of Pathfinder panel

basic pathfinder

The Pathfinder panel is the quickest and most well-organized way of manipulating paths and shapes, only if you are clear as to the outcomes of each action. Mastering the tools on offer can make create the most complex shapes almost instant.

Pathfinder panel

By the end of this tutorial you’ll have a good grab of the basics, and be able to expand and include these skills in your own workflow.

let’s know the proper details of all the Pathfinder options in the below-


When all the outline of object trace together at a time and merged at once it creates unite option. The resulting figure takes on the paint attributes of the top object.


Minus front

Minus front is used to subtract the front most area of an object from the backmost area of an object. Another use is to command delete areas of an illustration by adjusting the stacking order.

minus front


Trace all the outline of the object already overlapped together at a time



Traces all no overlapping objects, and creates overlapping areas transparent. Where an even number of objects overlap, the overlap becomes apparent. The overlap becomes full, where an odd number of objects overlap,



Separate a portion of artwork into its component-filled face (a face is an area undivided by a line segment).



When a filled object that is hidden and Removes the part of it then it refers to Trim. Remove any strokes and doesn’t combine objects of the similar color.



Merge is another important option of Pathfinder. Merges the overlapping objects full with the matching colors.



Deletes all the parts of the artwork that drop outside the boundary of the topmost object that is topmost. It can also able to remove any strokes



Divide an object into its section line segments, or edges. This command is helpful to prepare artwork that needs a entrap for overprinting objects. When you employ the Outline button in the Pathfinder panel, you can use the Direct Selection or Group Selection tool to influence each edge autonomously. You can also prefer to delete or preserve unfilled objects when applying the Outline command.


Minus Back

Subtracts the objects in back from the front most area of an object. You can employ this command to delete area of an illustration by adjusting the stack order

minus back

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