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How to do Alpha Mask for hair masking with Photoshop

16 May

Alpha Mask

Alpha mask is a mask comparable to channel mask. We can rather say, Alpha Channel Mask is far simplest way than layer masking. Because layer mask is far complicated than the alpha mask and time-consuming. But it’s obvious that people always choose layer mask to remove the background. It’s because layer mask is great to do masking process.

alpha channel masking before after

Alpha mask vs Channel mask

So what is actually means by Alpha mask? Basically, it’s a module that determines the clearness settings for certain colors or selections. There are red, green, and blue channels, in addition, you can detach alpha channel to manage the opacity of an object, or cut off it from the rest of your original image.

Photoshop masking

Consequently, we can employ alpha mask to Isolate hair & fur photographs from the background. Photoshop masking mechanism is better than clipping path system. As a result, we can edit & convert the image to our preferable taste in terms of color, brightness, exposure, etc.


Step 1:

the open image on background and copy with (ctrl+j) on layer 1 to duplicate

alpha maski

Step 2:

Bring a new layer and place it just under the layer 1.

alpha mask


Step 3:

Select layer 1 and move to channel layer from the window panel

alpha maksing

Step 4:

Active blue channel layer and duplicate by right click as blue copy layer. Make hide all the rest of channel layers for the furthermore process

alpha maksing

Step 5:

We need an only solid area where no different color exists. So select body area with pen tool exactly I did on the image and rest of the area you can casually draw.

alpha maksing

Step 6:

Press (ctrl+enter) to active; then (ctrl+delete) to paste the black color on the selected area

alpha maksing

level adjusting

Step 7:

Go to image  adjustment  level to changing the black color range on the level bar by moving the slider

alpha maksing

Step 8:

I applied 80 levels to match the black color. I previously paste on the body area

alpha maksing

Step 9:

Another time, we have to go adjustments this time choose an active invert

channel masking

Step 10:

You can see the black area convert into invert like a negative image

channel masking

Step 11:

Seems like, you can see the symbol on channel layer bottom area named “load channel as selection”; which can activate your inverted area so perfectly

channel masking

Step 12:

Now you just go back to layer panel and add a layer mask on layer 1 right side.

channel masking

Step 13:

Hide the background layer and only active the upper layers to see the transparent background

alpha channel masking

Step 14:

Finally, Save the png image with a transparent background

alpha channel masking

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