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Apply sliced text effect with Photoshop for designing your text

04 March

Apply sliced text

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to generate a popular “sliced text” effect with Photoshop. You’ll learn how to keep your text editable so you can attempt different words using the same slices!

sliced text effect

Step 1:

Set canvas and go to adjustment layer for choose gradient

Step 2:

Set 770505 color from a color picker

Step 3:

F53232 will be next color to apply a gradient

Step 4:

Choose radial from layer style

Step 5:

Write the text on the text layer

Step 6:

Rasterizing text layer from layer panel

Step 7:

Choose polygonal lasso tool to select the text area for separating

Step 8:

Move slice text in the bottom area

Step 9:

Rename the sliced layer as sliced 1 and sliced 2

Step 10:

Press delete and ctrl D as long as together

Step 11:

Duplicate gradient fill layer as gradient fill layer copy

Step 12:

Now choose gradient fill layer copy and make it rasterizing by right clicking

Step 13:

Create a shape around the text and press ctrl+j to duplicate cropped text on another layer

Step 14:

Set blend mode pin light and customize distance, spread, and opacity at a drop shadow box

Step 15:

Select drop shadow option and right click on that to select create layer option

Step 16:

Add layer mask on beside newly created black shed layer and set black & white as foreground and background color apply brush on the separated layer from bottom to hide the surroundings and make sure to visible black area on the center

Step 17:

Save the jpeg for the created text effect if you are satisfied

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