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Background remove tutorial with Alpha-channel masking in photoshop

11 March

When you want to select complex edges of the image like below it’s important to work with channel mask to cutout image from the background
Alpha channels perform in the same way as layer masks. The dissimilarity is that Channels can work with any layer, where masks are only affecting the layer that they are on.

transparent background masking

The reason for this tutorial is to assist you to identify how Alpha channels work towards channels. Need to download the document which you need to work with

Step 1:

Open image where you need to apply channel mask

Step 2:

Click and Select blue channel

Step 3:

Copy blue channel from the channel panel

Step 4:

Click on “Image-Adjustment-Threshold” make the area as black invert effect

Step 5:

Here we can fine-tune “Threshold Level” as much as we need.

Step 6:

We can eliminate a white dot with a brush with black color.

Step 7:

Now need to click “Load Channel as Selection”.

Step 8:

Now here we will choose Layers option and then select “Inverse” from “Select” bar; soon after click add layer mask from below of layer panel

Step 9:

Here we will pick “Add vector musk” and lastly we got that tree and land with Background detached by using “Alpha Channel Masking” in Photoshop.

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