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How to blend multiple images together in Photoshop

13 June


Blend multiple images

In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you two easy ways to blend multiple images together in Photoshop! We’ll start with the most basic way to blend images, and that’s by using the layer mask option in the Layers panel. Then we’ll come across at how to get extra exciting and innovative results with Photoshop’s layer blend modes. And finally, we’ll learn how these techniques occur step by step in details for blending multiple images

Here is a comparison of before after version for blending images

blend multiple images before after

Here are the two images we used to blend this image

image 1


Here is another two different image which we blend together


image 4

The final output is- 

blending image before after

Let us start the Tutorial:

Step 1:

Place both images together

blending multiple images

Step 2:

add layer mask over the second image

blending multiple images

Step 3:

Select the object with the quick selection tool

blending multiple images

Step 4:

Go to select and apply inverse to activate outer side of the object area selection

blending multiple images

Step 5:

select on the layer mask box and click (ALT + backspace) together

blending multiple images

Step 6:

You can see a new blending image of two different images

blending multiple images

Step 7:

Another time we are blending two images which you need to place one after another overlapping

blending multiple images

Step 8:

Select blending mode to fixing one effect over the two images to confirm best to look at.

blending multiple images

Step 9:

You can see the background image blend with the front image so well

blending multiple images

In this tutorial, we have already discussed how to blend multiple images together. I hope this can be so helpful to everyone if you follow exactly this step by step procedure.

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