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Blur background service in photoshop with lens adjustment

14 March

The first step is to create a selection of the subject. This is the most significant step to get the right solution for applying Blurry background.You require having your selection is as close to perfect as possible. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, though. Just operate whatever selection methods you’re used to. Then refine the limits to twist things just a little and turn it into a mask.

After the mask is finished, we need to paint in the environment, to generate a smooth evolution between white to black along the ground. We know that our subject sits sharply define from the background, so we would imagine seeing a sharp change from black to white.

There’s no sharp transition between the foreground and background. So, it wants to be a smooth change. The further the ground gets from the camera, the fuzzier it becomes.

The final step is to sprint the Lens Blur filter, using this layer mask as a depth map. This cause the background to be hazy, coming into sharper focus as it gets closer to the foreground. Our main subject, the person in the foreground remains sharp throughout.

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