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The simple way to brighten dark image in photoshop

03 September

Brightening image

Brighten dark image means you can bright your darken image into a bright one. I will show you how to brighten photos as well as give you a short and simple technique

brightness before after

No matter how alert we are when we are out and about taking pictures, and no matter how much acquaintance we have about taking photographs, every so often we will still get into some happening where the photo we take had come out dark or underexposed


Step 1:

An open image on the canvas you want to edit

brightening image

Step 2:

Select quick selection tool

brightening image

Step 3:

Draw the model outline with a quick selection tool

brightening image

Step 4:

Go to select  inverse

brightening image

Step 5:

Choose the image from the menu bar & go to adjustment  level

brightening image

Step 6:

Adjust level by sliding the level bar

brightening image

Step 7:

Similarly, go to the adjustment level and select curve to adjust the curve level of the model surroundings
Step 8: Go to layer  new layer

brightening image

Step 9:

When new layer box appear rename layer light and mode into overlay to change blending mode

brightening image

Step 10:

You can see the change immediately after changing the blending mode on the portrait

brightening images


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