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How to brightening a picture with photoshop

31 May

brightening a picture

Brightening a picture means you can do color corrections on your any image by using some good Photoshop filters. It’s a huge advantage of Photoshop nowadays. You can set the size of the tool and its softness autonomously by select a brush of the size and the resistance or softness you require with the Photoshop Dodge and Burn tools to converting into brightening a picture

darken to brighten before after

Also, you can brightening a picture to set the Photoshop tools to manage primarily on shadows, mid-tones, and highlights. You can fine-tune the degree of lightening and darken functional by specifying an exposure, too.


Step 1:

An open image on the canvas to brighten the portrait

brightening a picture

Step 2:

Select the model with quick selection tool to select the edge only

brightening a picture

Step 3:

Go to select  inverse  to active the outside area of a model edge

brightening a picture

Step 4:

Image  adjustment  level to adjust the level opacity of portrait surroundings

brightening a picture

Step 5:

Primarily adjust the basic color level from the level adjustment bar

brightening a picture

Step 6:

Another time you can adjust model color adjustment curve from adjustment panel of image category

brightening a picture

Step 7:

Have to brighten the whole portrait; layer  new  layer

brightening a picture

Step 8:

Name  light; mode overlay; check to active fill overlay bounding box

brightening a picture

Step 9:

Choose dodge tool enduring mid-tone with 25% exposure level to brush the portrait

brightening a picture

Step 10:

You can brush the portrait with this dodge tool and hence you notice the area you brush, that become brighten slowly slowly

brightening a picture

Step 11:

Finally, your model and surroundings of an image become brighter than before

brightening a picture

In this tutorial, we have already discussed how to correction color of any photography.I hope this can be so helpful to everyone if you follow exactly this step by step procedure.

Thanks for visiting our tutorial. We Click Art BD LTD family is always for you to give the best solution for any type of complex photo editing.

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