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How to depixelate an image in Photoshop

10 May

Depixelation Depixelate is a term where we can recover a low-resolution image into a high-quality portrait.Sometimes due to blurry sections and fuzziness visibility of an image displays individual color square pixels. It mostly occurs when image quality and resolution is too much low. For a good quality image, pixilation must be avoided or minimized.For preventing […]

How to do color correction in Photoshop for image editing

04 May

Color Correction defines Color correction is used for Color Separation. For every single part or colors of an Object Need Color Paths or Alpha Masking Layers. Color correction is the process where we can replace a particular color of a portrait for the betterment of the looking and give it an attractive faultless finishing. Features […]

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How to cut out background in Photoshop using clipping path

03 May

Photoshop changing background Cut out background refers to altering the entire surroundings of an object from a photograph. Hence, One of the most general questions arise while it comes to Photoshop is, “How do I change a background?” There is a variation of it—how do I shift rather like an object or a human being […]

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Photoshop mirror shadow effect tutorial for image editing

02 May

  The consequence of mirror shadow Mirror shadow effect is the high standard shadow effect which is generated side or below of the main Object.Because of that, when an object is existing with Mirroring Shadow can look extremely Professional and pleasant. Consequently, when anyone walks beside river or Pond or we can put any object […]

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How to do beauty retouch in Photoshop for model image

30 April

Beauty retouch synopsis Beauty retouch is probably one of the most admired function areas in Adobe Photoshop which is worn expansively. There are two easy reasons for beauty retouch service. First, Photoshop offers a multiplicity of superior tools to smooth out skin and hair, optimize body magnitude and highlight some beautiful details. And second, if […]

How to create reflection shadow effect in Photoshop

27 April

Reflection Shadow effect is amazing feather of Photoshop nowadays. It is formed on the base of Reflection like product shadow under the Glass or Water. Photoshop reflection Shadow effect needs for any product image looking productive, indication looking, and magnificence.There are diverse types of shadow exist. Most of all reflection shadow is one of the […]

Photoshop color adjustment tutorial for photo editing

26 April

  Photoshop color adjustment outline Photoshop Color adjustment is amazing way-out which can be worn to renovate all over the color tone of the entire photograph. Hence we can add or remove color on the basis of our photo necessity. Sometimes after clicking the photo, photographers can’t be pleased with the original color of surroundings. With […]

How to create advance drop shadow effect with Photoshop

25 April

Drop shadow In photoshop, Drop shadow makes a digital photo more natural and creative. Create a fake shadow in the objective area is call Photoshop drop shadow. We can also apply a drop shadow with Photoshop tools like black and white gradient color effect. photoshop shadow effect is an extraordinary feature of photoshop services. Features Also, it […]

how to use layer mask for photo manipulation

24 April

Overview of a Layer mask Layer mask is a basic technique for photo manipulation which is also named as Photoshop masking. They permit us to selectively transform the opacity of the layer they belong to. As a result, We need to use adobe photoshop tools like brush tool, foreground color & add layer mask for […]

How to Cut Out Hair Object for Background remove in Photoshop

23 April

Cut Out Scenario First of all, How to cut out Hair object for background remove in Photoshop is the main discussion part of our today’s article. Therefore, We know Photoshop allows us to employ background eraser Tool to cut out images of the obtainable photograph. Learn how to background remove in a certain part of a […]

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