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Ghost mannequin effect to neck join in photoshop

30 May

Ghost mannequin The ghost mannequin is something to manipulate a Photo like Dress, Pant where newly Joint Back Part and invisible Mannequin. Photo Manipulation is very useful for Cloth. When capturing a photo of Shirts, Pants, and Short Pants, Women Dress need to use Mannequin or Dummy and for presentable in Online Shop’s-News Paper or […]

How to create water reflection in Photoshop with water ripples

28 May

Water reflection Water reflection is a cool consequence that can be added effortlessly to any portrait. Rather we can say it’s similar to mirror effect which just a shadow of an original portrait. We need a background scene if you are responsibility land and water and try to find one that will look the better-quality […]

How to make blur background of an image in Photoshop

25 May

Blur background Blur background refers to making hazy the unwanted surroundings of a portrait if you want to avoid. Consequently, That photography, portraits, nature, and still life and can improve any photo that desires notice drawn to the subject rather than the entire view. By restricting the focus in your photo to a limited area […]

How to change hair color with photoshop

24 May

Change Hair Color Change Hair Color is the method for altering hair color of someone with Photoshop filters. Today we are viewing how simple and easy it is to change hair color in Photoshop by tinting and colorizing any person’s hair in a portrait. The technique we’ll learn here give us whole control over what […]

How to remove object from an image with Photoshop

23 May

Remove object Remove objects is eliminating some unnecessary part of a photo from the background. Taking a great shot is an art. It is a fine combination of technical skills and creative vision; it is camera capability blend with a sure hand. Unluckily even the best cameras and outstanding skills cannot protect you from an […]

How to design a add layout in Photoshop

22 May

Add layout design is something to create the advertisement of any product or any event to campaigning for business marketing. This design of an advertisement can have a huge impact on the level of achievement of the ad campaign. Being able to intend gorgeous and effective advertisement with add layout will guide to better results […]

How to design a t-shirt layout in photoshop

18 May

Photoshop T-shirt layout Photoshop T-Shirt Layout Design is the method to generate T-shirt Layout with Photoshop or Illustrator Tools. Consequently, When need to create any design for the t-shirt then first evaluate the color and the artwork for the theme of the shirt. Another important thing, which is Shirt Layout Design Service provided by the […]

Desaturation process to black and white conversion of a image in Photoshop

17 May

Desaturation Desaturation is the process to apply black and white color or we can say removing color with photoshop also can refer to desaturation as well. Removing Color with Desaturation We’ll look at another fast and easy way to remove the color, this time by desaturation process. Consequently, There is a lot of processes to […]

How to do Alpha Mask for hair masking with Photoshop

16 May

Alpha Mask Alpha mask is a mask comparable to channel mask. We can rather say, Alpha Channel Mask is far simplest way than layer masking. Because layer mask is far complicated than the alpha mask and time-consuming. But it’s obvious that people always choose layer mask to remove the background. It’s because layer mask is […]

Skin retouch tutorial for apply glowing skin in Photoshop

15 May

Skin retouch The skin retouch is a way of adjusting color and brightness to apply a proper glowing finishing of human skin with Photoshop filters. We see in journal photographs is not just a miracle to the studio-quality lighting – rather, it’s the effect of a skin retouch process you can imitate yourself with a single layer […]