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Photoshop layer masking to change the background

05 November

Layer Masking Layer masking is a great Photoshop retouching procedure to remove a background from hair or wool related photographs. It becomes very tricky to detach; when there is a hair related photo and background of the photograph both have exact same color. Layer masking is used to redefine background transparency levels in shades of […]

Clipping path to do background remove in photoshop

21 September

Clipping path is very well-known photo editing workplace for cutting Edge. An image can strongly edit its full environment through changing its background portion. Before start Background Remove First we need to open the image we have to edit and make its resolution 300% so that it looks clear to draw an accurate path. Background […]

How to convert a color photo to black and white with Photoshop

18 September

Convert into black and white photo In Photoshop’s earlier days, convert a color photo to black and white was not as easy or as instinctive as it is today. At least, not if you care about the consequences. Back then, numerous Photoshop users merely detached the color from the image, either by desaturating it or […]

How Background Eraser Tool works in Photoshop

17 September

The Background Eraser Tool We’ll discover all about the Background Eraser Tool in Photoshop and how to employ it with no trouble it can remove background areas of an image. The Background Eraser Tool is particularly useful with photos that contain lots of fine detail along the boundaries between your object and its background. Specifications […]

How to create shadow effect using clipping path in Photoshop

14 September

Shadow effect Shadow effect is a common and important work for Graphic Industries. When a Picture was/are Captured or created there are some essential editing needed to make the picture better than ever. The designer has to go through some certain types of procedure to make a editing. Shadow effect is one of them. Let’s start […]

Simple way to create wallpaper design on an illustrator

13 September

This tutorial teaches you through steps in creating professional background and wallpapers. You can easily get an idea how to create wallpaper on your own- Tutorial: Step 1: Open an art board for creating wallpaper Step 2: Place a rectangular on the artboard size and paste it blue color as shape color Step 3: Choose […]

How to fix an overexposed photo in Photoshop

12 September

Fix an overexposed photo You can learn how to fix an overexposed photo with a very simple technique to the one you will be learning here. Both techniques work by merely adding a Levels adjustment layer above the image and then altering the adjustment layer’s blend mode. Let’s start the tutorial about fix an overexposed […]

How to use clipping mask in Photoshop to place image on a frame

10 September

Clipping mask in Photoshop is similar to a layer mask. They equally allow illustrating and hiding different parts of a layer. This process allows a specific area of an object can hide or remove based on previously selected shape or area. simply it is to say that, we can keep the portion of an object […]

Clipping path service and its massive advantage

07 September

Why Clipping path service We can start this way, some of the images from the internet cannot be printed in their original form but some will need to be blown up. So that clipping path service is a technique that allows images to be clipped from their already existing background on a different one. It […]

The simple way to brighten dark image in photoshop

03 September

Brightening image Brighten dark image means you can bright your darken image into a bright one. I will show you how to brighten photos as well as give you a short and simple technique No matter how alert we are when we are out and about taking pictures, and no matter how much acquaintance we […]