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How to create dispersion effect for photo manipulation using brush with photoshop

29 June

Photo manipulation In the digital age, photo manipulation seems enormously every day, yet it is a usually misunderstand and tainted topic. The Photoshop dispersion effect, in view of the fact that this is such a popular technique, I am going to doing it my way. So here is a very effortless way of getting this […]

How to apply movie effect color tone on a portrait with photoshop

28 June

Movie effect When a normal portrait sometimes loses viewers attention, portrait with a movie effect can charm any people. A great photo editing software Photoshop can do this effect easily on a portrait with some Photoshop tools. Today here we are going to share this type of tutorial to apply movie effect on a plain […]

What is the key difference of Illustrator and Photoshop

27 June

Key Difference Illustrator and Photoshop, both design leaning application software from Adobe. Illustrator is usually used for the sketch or creating imagery. Photoshop is extensively used for manipulating the images. Both illustrator & Photoshop are dissimilar from each other as they both are base on unusual method – Photoshop is based on a raster, whereas […]

How to create transparent text in Photoshop

19 June

Transparent text over image If you need to add text to an image but there’s no suitable place to put it? Then Try transparent text in Photoshop is the best way to place it suitably. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to effortlessly make a transparent text area, meaning that the type itself will […]

How to replace a sky in image with Photoshop

15 June

Replace a sky To replace a sky in Photoshop the first thing you will need to do is to generate a selection of the sky and use it to define a Layer Mask. After insertion the new sky into your image, you need to Match Color and lighting. Most of the time you will have to […]

How to blend multiple images together in Photoshop

13 June

  Blend multiple images In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you two easy ways to blend multiple images together in Photoshop! We’ll start with the most basic way to blend images, and that’s by using the layer mask option in the Layers panel. Then we’ll come across at how to get extra exciting and innovative results […]

How to place text behind an object with Photoshop for creating magazine covers

12 June

The text behind an object The text behind an object is something what you often notice in magazine cover somewhere the title or text goes behind a person’s head & back. In this Photoshop tutorial, I explain to you how to run text at the back a portion of a photo. This is  It’s an […]

How to Create Watercolor Painting Effect in Photoshop

08 June

Watercolor effect A Watercolor effect refers watercolor paintings are a tremendously accepted art style that can be built-in into your design projects. But you don’t need to be a master artist to create such imagery when Adobe Photoshop can produce the realistic watercolor effect with a cocktail of built-in filters. In today’s tutorial, I will […]

The power of shadow effect in Photoshop for photo editing

07 June

Photoshop Shadow effects In graphic design, the shadow effect is a fantasy to play a blackish background of the original objective on that’s exact background layer. It’s a shadow where an image is repetitive behind itself to generate the illusion that illustration component which looks like the shadow of an object. Shadow effect Is a […]