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How to resize the image with matching another one in Photoshop

31 August

Resize an image with matching one This tutorial shows you how to resize the image for a match the size (width and height) of two open images or documents in Photoshop using the Image Size dialog box and the Window menu Let’s start the tutorial about resize the image- Tutorial: Step 1: Here I use […]

How to pick text color from an image with Photoshop

29 August

Pick text color from an image Addition text to a picture with Photoshop is easy enough, but building your text look like it belongs in the image isn’t easy all the time. For pick text color from an image the font and color both are important. One way to unite text with an image is […]

Unwanted object remove tutorial with Photoshop

28 August

Unwanted object remove Unfortunately, the best cameras and outstanding skill cannot protect you from an infrequent tourist or a crippled background on a photo. Good news is you can remove unwanted object from an image with your bare hands. Photoshop makes everything easier to solve your any photo related problems and give them a nice […]

How to do background removal of any object or product in Photoshop

27 August

Background removal Clipping path saves when you quickly need background removal of any object or product, or to remove the background from a photo. For this, you don’t need any specific skills but a sense of using a simple Photoshop filters Here we start- Step 1: Open an image and select a new path for […]

How to blend two images like a movie poster with Photoshop photo-conversion

24 August

In this tutorial, I will show you how simple it is to blend imagery like a movie poster with Photoshop which is a part of a photo-conversion I’ll start by moving both of our images into the same document and position them where we need them. Then combine jointly the two images together using a […]

How to create mirror image effect in photoshop

20 August

Mirror image effect In this Photoshop tutorial, you will find out how to generate a classic mirror image effect with any photograph by revolving one side of the photo into a mirror reflection of the other! This popular effect is frequently used in album covers and movie posters, and as we’ll see, it’s very easy […]

Photoshop beauty retouching tutorial for photo editing

17 August

Beauty retouching is probably one of the most accepted function areas in which Adobe Photoshop is used broadly. There are two simple reasons for that. First, Photoshop offers a variety of advanced tools to soft out skin and hair, optimize body extend and highlight some stunning details. Second, if you have some practice with Photoshop […]

Basic concepts of Adobe Illustrator

16 August

Basic concept First of all, we can understand by concept of illustrator is A design perception is a thought behind a design. It does how we plan on to solve the designing problem in front of us. Most importantly,  It’s the underlying logic and thinking for how we will design. Our designing concept becomes the […]

Easy 6 steps color correction technique in Photoshop

15 August

 Color correction process Color Correction or grade is the system of altering the color currently present in an image. This could be a midtone change (blue to red) or a subtle change (white balance) The difference between the word correction and grading is a gray area (pun intended). If the colors are already faultless, there […]

Color range tool to replace existing color on an image with Photoshop

14 August

Color Range tool The Color Range tool is related to the Magic Wand Tool in that together. They are worn to choose an area based on tonal and color principles, but that’s actually where the similarity ends. The Magic Wand was the first version of Photoshop, and while it can still prove helpful at times. […]