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How to sharpen an image with high pass filter in photoshop

19 July

Image sharpening Image sharpening is a figment of your imagination. It works by rising contrast along the boundaries of substance in a picture. Photoshop can’t distinguish exact objects, of course, so it considers an edging to be any area wherever there’s a big, sudden modify in strength or color between neighboring pixels. Tutorial: Step 1: […]

The Photoshop interface details and specification

18 July

Photoshop interface In this tutorial, we are going to analysis about Photoshop interface with quick and featureful filters. There are lots of function and editing we can do with Photoshop. Nowadays Photoshop has grown on a huge way itself to serve graphics & photo lovers. The interface of Photoshop seems like complicated to some people […]

How to place an image in the text with Photoshop clipping mask

17 July

Clipping mask In this tutorial, you can learn how to place an image in the text with Photoshop clipping mask A very popular result to generate and one that also happens to be very simple to do gratitude to the influence of Photoshop’s clipping masks, as you can able to see from today’s tutorial. Let’s begin- […]

How to edit smart object image in Photoshop

16 July

Smart object A smart object has a lot of advantages. In two influential advantages of using the smart object in Photoshop are that we can edit their contents, and we can even restore their contents, and have our change right away come into view in the document. Editing the contents is enormous for when you […]

How to turn image into a collage with Photoshop

12 July

Image Collage To generate the image collage effect, you need to start by crop the picture into a square, and then you need divide it into slighter squares. Moreover, Add a border approximately every one so they look like divide photos, and then shift and turn them into place. Lastly, change the backdrop color, and finish […]

How to retouch and create sunny day portrait in Photoshop

11 July

Retouch outdoor portrait Whenever we click any photos we desire that image to be very perfect to look at. The perfection of lighting and correct weather gives a photo a nice outlook and extraordinary image factors. Sometimes we take a photo but it doesn’t seem so well for the bad timing and environment. Less lighting […]

Gradient panel for applying color effect with adobe illustrator

10 July

Gradient palette First of all, the Gradient panel is well-accepted effect used in both broadcast and online video. You can employ them to cut off incredible in your figure, or add some technique to your graphics and videos. This tutorial will demonstrate how to generate and relate gradient in Adobe Illustrator The Gradient palette Which is […]

Summary of Pathfinder panel in adobe illustrator

09 July

Summary of Pathfinder panel The Pathfinder panel is the quickest and most well-organized way of manipulating paths and shapes, only if you are clear as to the outcomes of each action. Mastering the tools on offer can make create the most complex shapes almost instant. By the end of this tutorial you’ll have a good […]

How to create a vintage old photo effect in photoshop

06 July

Create old photo effect In today’s tutorial, you will learn how to create a vintage old photo effect to a portrait by using Photoshop filters. I am going to start with Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop You can custom black and white version of your image before work with the sepia tone. Then you can […]

How to colorize black and white photo in Photoshop for photo retouching

05 July

Colorize black and white photo Colorize black and white photo refers to transform an old photograph into a modern coloring gesture full image by applying few Photoshop filters. A Black and White photo is simple, but Coloring it fine is a different story. Since there are so many diverse colors there in a normal photograph–it can […]