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3 ways to divide any object using illustrator

02 August

In this article, I’ll show you how to separate objects in Adobe Illustrator. This method uses the pathfinder to both divide objects or shapes. Divide Objects Below Make sure you have selected all the objects you want to work with. If more than one object is selected divide object below won’t work. Simply generate the object […]

How to make image enlarge with Photoshop for photo editing

01 August

Image enlarge In Photoshop, usually, you can make an image small than its original size. But you can’t make it larger because of complexity due to losing its image quality. To make an image enlarge Photoshop really needs to do follow some list of steps to reach your desired goal. An image enlarge is the […]

How to apply snow fall on a portrait using Photoshop photo conversion

31 July

Photo-conversion Winter is my preferred season. But taking pictures in winter can be a test, nothing adds to the attractiveness of winter scenery like falling snow, But how do you take pictures of snow if it isn’t snowing? Thankfully, Photoshop makes it simple to generate realistic falling snow and add it to your photo level […]

How to place the image in a shape with Photoshop clipping mask

30 July

Clipping mask In this tutorial, you will learn how to place the image in a shape with Photoshop by clipping mask. As you can see, Photoshop makes it simple to put a photo into any kind of shape, from a fundamental rectangle or round shape to a fancy custom shape. For this tutorial, I am […]

How to work with Photoshop clipping path process for photo editing

27 July

Clipping path We know the clipping path is a very well-known photo editing workplace where an image can strongly edit its full environment through changing its background portion. Moreover, In Photoshop, clipping path process is a basic photo editing tool that must be using while photo manipulation and masking over the image. Similarly, This process […]

Terms on Raster to vector conversion with Adobe Illustrator

23 July

Raster to Vector We know vector is something that we can easily scale an image up or down infinite times without losing its original quality. On the other hand, the raster is something which one is working with tiny pixels. So if we choose to maximize any raster image it’s not possible to maintain its […]

How to remove skin blemishes in Photoshop

20 July

Remove skin blemishes Remove skin blemishes refer to eliminating face spots with several Photoshop filters. Do you want to take away skin blemishes, scars or acne from your portraits? Some photography customers have a beauty spot that they don’t like or some blemishes on their skin that they want distant from their portrait. In this […]

How to sharpen an image with high pass filter in photoshop

19 July

Image sharpening Image sharpening is a figment of your imagination. It works by rising contrast along the boundaries of substance in a picture. Photoshop can’t distinguish exact objects, of course, so it considers an edging to be any area wherever there’s a big, sudden modify in strength or color between neighboring pixels. Tutorial: Step 1: […]

The Photoshop interface details and specification

18 July

Photoshop interface In this tutorial, we are going to analysis about Photoshop interface with quick and featureful filters. There are lots of function and editing we can do with Photoshop. Nowadays Photoshop has grown on a huge way itself to serve graphics & photo lovers. The interface of Photoshop seems like complicated to some people […]