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How to use clipping mask in Photoshop to place image on a frame

10 September

Clipping mask in Photoshop is similar to a layer mask. They equally allow illustrating and hiding different parts of a layer. This process allows a specific area of an object can hide or remove based on previously selected shape or area. simply it is to say that, we can keep the portion of an object or image based on specific shape and area.

clipping mask before after


Step 1:

The opening image on the top layer above the background layer

clipping mask

Step 2:

Resize the image of the portrait for masking

clipping mask

Step 3:

Select magic wound tool to selecting the area that will be used to clipping mask

clipping mask

Step 4:

Copy the selected area to a new layer going up to the layer  new  layer via copy

clipping mask

Step 5:

You can see the new layer created in the middle of the layer 1 and the background layer

clipping mask

Step 6:

An image is masked between the frames so correctly, for that, you need to press Alt and click layer 1 and layer 2 all together along. So that it mask around the frame

clipping mask


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