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Clipping path to do background remove in photoshop

21 September

Clipping path is very well-known photo editing workplace for cutting Edge. An image can strongly edit its full environment through changing its background portion.

Before start Background Remove First we need to open the image we have to edit and make its resolution 300% so that it looks clear to draw an accurate path.

ring remove background before after

Background remove tutorial :

Step 1:

After opening image needs to select the object outline with the pen tool for applying the clipping path to background remove

Step 2:

Next, after drawing the outline, path layer has to be active by double-clicking and naming the file as my wish. It’s necessary to make active because if an object needs to edit another path, the previous path shouldn’t disappear.

Step 3:

Now click a top right corner of the path layer to select clipping path and make flatness (.5). It’s because I want to make it look smooth after changing its background.


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