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Easy way to color adjustment in photoshop for photo editing

01 February

Color adjustment

Do not confuse color adjustment with stylizing an image. These are two different terms by Photoshop photo editing tools. Color adjustment is about a good balance of coloring of the entire image.

color adjustment before after

It takes many exhausting hours to upload your images at a time. We propose the easiest way to enhance your photos on a very quickest time. If you determined to use our photo color correction services you can use our Dropbox to send us your portraits so that they will not lose their size and original quality. Besides, we have consistent photo editing prices and special offers and give a discount for regular clients!

There are some color correction options what may require-
• Contrast and exposure correction
• Saturation adjustment
• make vibrancy and temperature
• Tints and shadows alteration
• Highlights

Let’s see the tutorial for the color adjustment-

Step 1:

Draw path with pen tool of the object edge to select the area

color adjustment service

Step 2:

Go to image  adjustment exposure; Adjust offset and gamma correction if it is necessary to increase exposure to bright dark level.

color adjustment service

Step 3:

To select the outside of the selection area goes to select option  press inverse

color adjustment service

Step 4:

Set shadow 35% and decrease highlight level due to adjusting shadow intensity

color adjustment service

Step 5:

Add vibrance 63% and saturation level -1

color adjustment service

Step 6:

Bring curve box to adjust the curve line due to image lightness demand

color adjustment service

Step 7:

Allow brightness 50% and contrast should be neutral to balance the brightness percentage

color adjustment service

Step 8:

Ok! Now I think it’s enough correction of color for the portrait before. You can evaluate the difference for the before and after image.

color adjustment service

Click Art BD LTD provides quality photo editing services. Our Graphics Designers are highly qualified about image enhancement techniques. Those who need this type of shadow making services feel free to contact us anytime.

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