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How to convert photo into line art using Photoshop

14 May

Line Art

Line Art is the Illustration method and with illustrator Pen tool or Photoshop filters to create out Line of Product or Shape of any objective. Usually to build up any plan we need to create a sketch first to modify and finalize any design which also refers line art

building line art before after

Dimensions of Line Art

Line art is any picture that consists of separate straight and curved lines positioned against a plain background, without darkness or color to represent a two-dimensional or three-dimensional substance. This can also develop lines of dissimilar colors, although line art is generally monochromatic.

We use Adobe Photoshop to create an outline of an object for today’s tutorial. But other complex figure editing programs can be done with illustrator pen tool process. We will discuss with that in another tutorial.


Step 1:

First of all, open an image and duplicate it another layer

line art

Step 2:

Adjust saturation level at maximum low from hue/saturation adjustment filter

line art

Step 3:

Change blending mode as the color dodge to make it color splashed

line art

Step 4:

Press (ctrl+I) on layer 0 copy to apply the white color on the portrait for furthermore criteria

photoshop line art

Step 5:

Go to filter  blurGaussian blur to bring back the sketch dimension

photoshop line art

Step 6:

Base on your object chooses the radius level opacity. Here I am applying 5 radius for my object outline dimension to better output.

photoshop line art

Step 7:

Consequently, Move the level filter from the bottom of layers panel of hue/saturation adjustment layer. Keep moving the sliders of input and output level till the perfection is not attire

photoshop line art

Step 8:

Finally, you can ensure your line art through photoshop filters to create a perfect sketch plan

photoshop line art

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