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Simple way to create wallpaper design on an illustrator

13 September

This tutorial teaches you through steps in creating professional background and wallpapers. You can easily get an idea how to create wallpaper on your own-


Step 1:

Open an art board for creating wallpaper

create wallpaper

Step 2:

Place a rectangular on the artboard size and paste it blue color as shape color

create wallpaper

Step 3:

Choose sky blue color on the fill color palette and select mesh tool and drag the cursor exact middle point of the rectangular. You will see a light gradient effect on the artboard shape

create wallpaper

Step 4:

Draw a shape like an image with a pen tool with a default color

create wallpaper

Step 5:

Select both the shape and select basic shape though it will nice rounded shape

create wallpaper

Step 6:

Again selecting the shape to choose the uniform as like image below and must stroke need to be 10pt

create wallpaper

Step 7:

Now you need to change the color of the default color to a white stroke color, doing fill color null

create wallpaper

Step 8:

Go to object > path > outline stroke to selecting stroke or converting stroke as a shape

create wallpaper

Step 9:

After creating the shape as an image go to effect > stylize> outer glow

create wallpaper

Step 10:

change into white color mode- normal and blur as your shape needs

create wallpaper

Step 11:

here we can see the output after applying the outer glow

create wallpaper

Step 12:

Draw a shape with pen tool again likes as an image below, on top and bottom of the already existed shape

create wallpaper

Step 13:

go to object > blend > make to apply blend effect

create wallpaper

Step 14:

Double-click on the blend tool to bring up a popup box where you need to identify the specific steps 20

create wallpaper

Step 15:

To change the specific steps color pattern go to stroke color and change the color as the image

create wallpaper

Step 16:

Draw rectangular on the artboard size to cover up all the shapes under it

create wallpaper

Step 17:

select all shapes by clicking (ctrl+A)

create wallpaper

Step 18:

Go to object > clipping mask > make

create wallpaper

Step 19:

we can see it already masked

create wallpaper

Step 20:

To saveFile > export

create wallpaper

Step 21:

Choose type JPEG

create wallpaper

This is the final output –

create wallpaperConclusion

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