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How to turn day into night conversion in Photoshop

06 February

Turning day into night

Its is not so easy to turning day into night for the photo owners to do that editing. With graphical photo editing tools, you may do the proper editing if you have the proper knowledge to utilize them. Photo-conversion is the theory to convert this type of conversion with photoshop

day night conversion

For this reason, it can be easy to get the shot you’re following in the day and then reproduce the exposure and color shifts of a shoot at night. Here we’re using two Curves layers to add a color matching to our lighting effects, taking us from the temperate hues of sunshine to a cool, moonlight might

Step 1:

Open the image on the canvas; Copy the background go to filter convert to smart filters


Step 2:

Draw paths to select the sky portion of the image .Click on the add layer mask button from the layer panel to hide the sky area if you see you can’t hide the area of sky press (ctrl+I) to invert the area


Step 3:

Place a new sky image on the canvas


Step 4:

Shift sky layer just under the background masking layer


Step 5:

Go to properties; load 3DLUT to moonlight effect from the gallery


Step 6:

Brush the area after applying yellow color to the light area


Step 7:

Visit select  Inverse to just select the outside light area


Step 8:

Change the blending mode into “overlay”


Step 9:

Save the JPEG for the portrait if you are satisfied

day to night conversion

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