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Desaturation process to black and white conversion of a image in Photoshop

17 May


Desaturation is the process to apply black and white color or we can say removing color with photoshop also can refer to desaturation as well.

Removing Color with Desaturation

We’ll look at another fast and easy way to remove the color, this time by desaturation process.

Consequently, There is a lot of processes to go with it, so we’ll look at the most interesting way first, and then you will see how another way allows a little more flexibility and creative freedom with the final result.

black and white conversion

Thus, Here in our today’s tutorial- I’ll be using some easy steps of desaturation method. You can comfortably apply these steps of your any image to black and white conversions.


Step 1:

First of all, open an image on canvas and duplicate it at layer 1.


Step 2:

Go to image  adjustment  desaturate

desaturation process

Step 3:

Probably, the black and white effect applied properly on the canvas

desaturation process

Step 4:

Apply layer mask from later  layer mask Reveal all

desaturation process

Step 5:

Seems like, A new layer mask added beside the duplicate layer

desaturation process

Step 6:

Change blending mode on “soft light”

desaturation process

Step 7:

as a result, Colorful version of the portrait will visible just after changing the blending mode

desaturation process

Step 8:

Make opacity low for the soft light mode while it turns so dark color for the portrait

desaturation process

Step 9:

Zoom the portrait and mask the eye area

desaturation process

Step 10:

Hence go to layer  new adjustment layer  gradient map

desaturation process

Step 11:

The new layer will appear and confirm the name already it shows  ok

desaturation process

Step 12:

Click on gradient slider while a box appears

desaturation process

Step 13:

As much as, Confirm a white color as the gradient for the image

desaturation process

Step 14:

Finally, Brush the lips area to mask the original color it had to create a beautiful effect and extraordinary level of finishing the portrait

desaturation process

If anyone follow the tutorial from Beginning to end can understand how to convert the black and white image using desaturate process

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