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Digital photo restoration tutorial for repairing old photograph

11 May

Digital Photo Restoration

Digital Photo restoration works by ‘fixing’ the damage using photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Before that scan damaged photo prints so that it can be as effortless as coloring-in the blanks or complex as recreating a people face using a graphics tools for digital Photo restoration.

digital photo restoration

Service of Digital photo restoration

Consequently, A Digital Photo Restoration can reburnish the attractiveness of old to new photograph and appeal of the photo and offer and unique look that construct return the strength to any object. Probably, it is the excellent reason that we have got the ability to obtain that renovation service as a very familiar, a complex photo manipulation technique that’s needed is much-practice no hesitation.

Today here we are going to give you an opportunity to bring back the originality of the damaged photo. We have a lot of ways for digital photo restoration procedure which can convert an old to a new photograph

Step 1:

Select layer 1 copy layer and take a clone stamp tool to clone the black shed of the skin tone

digital photo restoration

Step 2:

Choose patch tool to copy sample and replace with damage one

digital photo restoration

Step 3:

Take healing brush tool to heal the extra white spots exists on the portrait

photo restoration

Step 4:

Clone the white damage parts with clone stamp from the toolbar

digital photo restoration technique

Step 5:

Save the area of cloth by creating sample copy and paste with the clone stamp for perfect retouching

digital photo restoration process

Step 6:

After blending the allover area of the portrait need to crop the surroundings we need

photoshop photo restoration

Step 7:

Need to cut the image object with the pen tool and create a transparent background

digital photo restoration

Step 8:

Paste a new solid color below the object we created using clipping path on the edge

repairing old photograph

Step 9:

Copy b Right side collar by pen tool and move it to the right side of the shirt

repairing old photo

Step 10:

Create a blackish border on the edge of the collar on the left side

old to new photo

Step 11:

Draw a pattern adjusting with the shirt so that it can look natural

old to new photograph

Step 12:

Copy the pattern on the right side shirt body under the collar area

photo repairing process

Step 13:

Finally, retouch face skin by clone stamp which can give the finishing touch for photo restoration criteria

photo restoration process

Here is our final looking of this tutorial-

digital photo restoration

If anyone sees the tutorial from Beginning to end can understand how photo restoration process is executed.

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