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eBay image guideline in Photoshop for photo editing

06 June

eBay image guideline

eBay is a place where millions of community trade every day. Some are buyers; several are sellers, some are both. The beauty of eBay lies in the authority of the marketplace – an item is only important what someone will pay for it.

Basic things to know:

1. Image dimensions are 500×500 pixels to 9000×9000 pixels accordingly

2.  You can add up to 7 MB in size pictures

3. You can add quite a few pictures to the upload window at the same time.

4. You should standardize your pictures before you upload them

So these are the basic features to enhance the product for eBay. Now we are going to discuss elaborate points of a requirement to resizing any Image.

ebay image resize

For any e-commerce retailer, the photography connected with your online store is an essential part of advertising your products. Customers are looking to set up & trust with a business. So that, pictures can be a key part of beginning that relationship. For eBay sellers, a picture exactly can be worth a thousand words.

Consequently, we know, Bigger is approximately better, and the better your list pictures are, the better they demonstrate your items. But you can’t upload pictures that are excessively large; otherwise, viewers with slower Internet connections may get bothered if they load too slowly.

Let’s take a look at some nice ways to develop your pictures and start convert sales from today.

1. The least and highest image dimensions are 500×500 pixels and 9000×9000 pixels accordingly

ebay image resize

2. The image size must not exceed over 12MB.

ebay image resize

3. Every single image must signify the specific product being described or create the Realistic view

4. The image should be placed over to a solid background, not including a border.

The white and Gray background is most preferable

ebay image resize

ebay image resize

5. Icons or symbols that are not part of the original product is not allowed as well

ebay image resize

6. Text that is not part of the original product is not meant with the image surroundings

ebay image resize

7. A product should cover 80%-90% of the image frame in primary images

ebay image resize

8. Do not use images that don’t similar to the actual product

ebay image resize

9. It’s suitable to have an image that shows one item in front of another, but the two substances in the image must confirm different angles of the similar product. In multi-product images, it should be precisely clear both substances in the image are the equivalent product.

ebay image resize

10. Mirror images of the same product are unacceptable. Moreover, cropped images are allowed, but the crop should not cut any important part of the product.

ebay image resize

11. Images with the human being or human body parts are acceptable, but only in images that show body-wear products such as clothing, jewelry, wearable electronics etc

ebay image resize

12. Natural light is the best way to display your product. Product must place without any distracting backgrounds

ebay image resize

Moreover, The photos of your items not only illustrate the quality and state of your items but also perform the professional features of your business. A messy, blurry photo reflects poorly on your company.


Finally, I think you can easily resize the product image right?? As a result, your image will meet all the individual necessities of eBay product rules.

I hope this can be so helpful to everyone if you follow exactly all these factors before you upload your product image on eBay site. Hope for the best.

Thanks for visiting our tutorial. We Click Art BD LTD family is always for you to give the best solution for any type of complex photo editing.

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