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Effective photo editing tips with adobe photoshop

12 March

Camera raw filters

Photoshop CC has the choice of enabling the Camera Raw filter. As such fast layer restriction can be done in Photoshop. Simply select the layer, then go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter.

In order to go back to the Camera Raw Filter at any time to fine-tune the photo, first transfer the layer to a Smart Object using Filter > Convert for Smart Filters. This will avoid critical edits.


It’s most excellent, to begin with learning some of Photoshop filter before engaging in Basic adjustments. For example, before you construct any extensive change to color and contrast, ensure the Camera Calibration panel.

The Lens correction tab and the facilitate Lens Profile Corrections option are worth checking out. Particularly if you employ wide-angle lenses, the automatic lens adjustment might drive some areas of the picture out of the frame. It’s good excellence and idea to ensure these before cropping the image


If you desire to be relevant an additional stylish look to your photographs the following steps might prove useful.

Upload your photo in Photoshop and choose the Brightness/Contrast panel.

Adjust intensity to +25 and difference to +35. Set Saturation to -25.

Then alter the curve layer.

You can first choose Red. Select and drag down a little middle of the red line.

Then shift the Blue line upward.

Lastly, decide and shift up a little the Green bar.

Finish by select the Soft Light blending mode.

Warm up

Go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Photo Filter. Click OK.

Set the Filter drop down to warm Filter. Enhance Density to 50. This helps decrease the blue color cast in the gloomy environment.

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