Clipping Mask

23 November

Clipping Mask is a Process of Cutting Edge for Quality Background Remove. Hair or Wool Related images Use Clipping Mask. Clipping Mask we can consider Mainly Upon 2 Types.

1. Wool or Hair Related Goods, Products or Models and that types of images Uses Photoshop Image Masking with Eraser Tool. According to Requirements Photoshop Masking is Provided within 3 Type:

Alpha Masking

Layer Masking

Transparent Masking

2. Only Goods, Products or Models without Hair or Wool: This types of images background removing use to Photoshop Pen Tool. According to Complexity Clipping Path has 5 types

Normal Clipping Path

Medium Clipping Path

Complex Clipping Path

Very Complex Clipping Path

Multi Clipping Paths

 Clipping Mask is the Combination of Photoshop Masking and Clipping Path for Cut out Any kinds of Background and process of Free any product from Background. Any kinds of Images with Quality Clipping Mask, New Background Add as Original Background.