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How to fix an overexposed photo in Photoshop

12 September

Fix an overexposed photo

You can learn how to fix an overexposed photo with a very simple technique to the one you will be learning here. Both techniques work by merely adding a Levels adjustment layer above the image and then altering the adjustment layer’s blend mode.

fix exposure before after

Let’s start the tutorial about fix an overexposed photo-


Step 1:

Open image in the layer panel naming background layer

fix exposure

Step 2:

To darken the image we will use a level adjustment layer icon at the bottom of the layer s

fix exposure

Step 3:

Choose levels from the adjustment layer from the list that appear

fix exposure

Step 4:

If you notice you can see there is no change occur in the image; but “level 1 “adjustment layer just visible above the

image on the background layer

fix exposure

Step 5:

OK, now you need to change the blending mode for the level adjustment layer. Blend mode option appears in the upper left of the layers panel. Click on the normal word and change it to multiply to fix an overexposed photo

fix exposure

Step 6:

After changing the blending mode; Photoshop immediately appears darker; with more details visible in the highlight and colors are more saturated

fix exposure

Step 7:

You can lower the opacity of the adjustment layer to tune the brightness perfectly of an overexposed photo

fix exposure


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