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How to edit soft glow on an image with photoshop

06 March

Soft glow effects are a great way to enhance your photos, especially portrait shots, and create them in Photoshop is easy. Yet the steps you take to generate them can mean the difference between a static result and one that’s much more flexible, where you can experiment and fine-tune the result until you get it to look just right.

In this tutorial and the next, I’ll show you how to edit soft glow in Photoshop-

Step 1:

Duplicate the layer of original background copy and rename it a soft glow

Step 2:

Go to filterblur Gaussian blur to apply blur option

Step 3:

Set radius 20 pixels to hazy the image

Step 4:

Blending mode soft light will be applying soft shed on the image

Step 5:

Then lower the opacity if the glow is not applied perfectly

Step 6:

Go to imageadjustmentvibrance, where you can adjust the vibrance and saturation level for the perfect finishing

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