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3 ways to divide any object using illustrator

02 August

In this article, I’ll show you how to separate objects in Adobe Illustrator. This method uses the pathfinder to both divide objects or shapes.

divide object

Divide Objects Below

Make sure you have selected all the objects you want to work with. If more than one object is selected divide object below won’t work. Simply generate the object that will do the separating and position it over the other fill object to be divided. Then choose Object>Path>Divide Objects Below.

divide object below

Take an object and divide it into all the objects below it. For that go to Object > Path > Divide Object. You only have to select the topmost objects, and it cuts all the way

divide object belowCompound path

Cut a hole in an object with a compound path

Select or draw a shape to use as a hole, and place it so that it overlaps the object to cut. Do again for any additional objects you want to use as holes.

Choose all the substance you want to include in the compound path.
For applying compound path you need to Go & Choose Object > Compound Path > Make.

compound path


Separate a piece of artwork into its component-filled. You can also choose to delete or conserve unfilled objects when applying the Divide command with Pathfinder.

pathfinder divide

1. Start off with 2 shapes.
2. Cutout and place the shape (star) on top of the base shape (rectangle).
3. go to ‘Object’ across the top menu bar.
4. Go down to ‘Path’.
5. Find and click on ‘Divide Objects Below’.
6. Your shapes should now look like this.
7. Deselect both of the shapes.
8. Select/click on your cut-out shape (star).
9. To see the cutout drag the canvas

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