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Gradient panel for applying color effect with adobe illustrator

10 July

Gradient palette

First of all, the Gradient panel is well-accepted effect used in both broadcast and online video. You can employ them to cut off incredible in your figure, or add some technique to your graphics and videos. This tutorial will demonstrate how to generate and relate gradient in Adobe Illustrator

gradient effect

The Gradient palette

Which is the palette from which we can get the detail uses of gradient


Gradient Bar

Gradient bar is that horizontal bar we see in gradient palette. Therefore, The two default colors of the gradient bar are black and white. Gradient bar is used to take colors from swatches and to play gradient

bar & slider

The Gradient slider

Gradient slider is that pointed icon which helps us to add, remove and change the area of colors .we can add gradient slider in following way-

Click on the slider > get a plus sign with cursor > click on the place we want to have sliders
We can remove sliders by clicking and then dragging. Then the slider will be dropped from the gradient palette

There are two types of gradient –

Linear – it’s a straight –lined gradient type

Consequently, Radial-It’s a circular gradient type


The angle change the angle of linear gradients

And aspect ratio converts the radial gradient into the elliptical gradient. After using aspect ratio on a radial gradient, we can change its angle by angle option


Consequently, For every color, there is a slider. If we want to change the opacity of a single color, we can do it from the opacity option in gradient palette after clicking the slider



Locates the slider. If the whole gradient bar is 100%, location helps to find which color is in which the amount of percentage of the bar


Reverse gradient

We can reverse the whole gradient bar here. We can also save our customized gradient to the gradient swatch
A gradient fill is a graphical effect that produces a three-dimensional color appear by the combination of one color into another.


If this article is Helpful to understand what is the gradient panel and its functions in adobe illustrator. then my writing will be Success. Thanks in advance to all who read and follow my other tutorials. Click Art BD LTD is always there for you if you face any difficulties regarding Illustrator and Photoshop software

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