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Terms on Raster to vector conversion with Adobe Illustrator

23 July

Raster to Vector

We know vector is something that we can easily scale an image up or down infinite times without losing its original quality. On the other hand, the raster is something which one is working with tiny pixels. So if we choose to maximize any raster image it’s not possible to maintain its original image quality in illustrator

Raster & vector

Vector creates from circles, rectangular & shapes whereas, Raster only works with bitmap images. So the process where should take a bitmap image and converting it as a vector image is referred as raster to Vector. To make this conversion we need Illustration process to make it successful.

ClickartBD categorize Raster to Vector in a 5 way

Line art
Logo redesign
T-shirt layout design
Ad layout design

Line art

something we create an outline of an image with the illustration. Line art is very sensitive illustration work on the graphical world. Graphic designers draw an outline of an image or shape or object and fill color into them inside the outlines. If drawing outlines are not perfect the whole object and shape would be waste in designing further illustration. It’s a creativity factor of a designer who is capable to do line art in a very faster way. Click Art BD provides high ending Line art for the buyers without any errors.


is a term called re-editing and modifying the already appeared Logo of a company? Any well-known firm doesn’t like to keep their logo for many days. Nowadays Updating is a human nature no matter what it is. So the logo is something that shows the monogram of a company’s name, service and future goal that should be most attractive to any other normal person and that’s why it needs to be updated gradually. Because it’s a marketing tool for everything. Click art BD works with talented graphic designers and deliver for those firms, who are interested to change their company logo and wants to modify the color and structure.


which is a procedure for converting a normal stated image into a line art. This process picks a normal size image and modifies it up to bottom with the illustrator tool. Everything is controlled by the tool used in illustrator to change the size of an image without losing its original quality. Because Photo-conversion is work with illustrator which are vector based. Clickart BD provides professional designers who can modify any types of photo and give image beautiful finishing touch due to their unbelievable working capability.

T-shirt layout Design

There are some textile companies here and there who needs to work specifically with a T-shirt. They need the shape of T-shirt and the different color in the same shape to identify the proper sample of the layout. Workers follow a specific layout of T-shirt, which is important to make an idea to create a full T-shirt. Without layout design, makers can’t recognize the actual design or shape of the clothing. Only experts can create a layout of the design using illustration tools. Simple mistakes of layout can ruin all the design of layout and color combination can drop down as much as the design does. Keep faith on Click art BD that, you will be benefited in a large way because of its reasonable pricing system.

AD layout design

Its a design for the ad purpose. Ad layout is not a very popular term in Illustrator. Indesign use tools to make ad layout for the companies related to it. Ad layout used in some places due to customers demand. This firm wants to reach different types of customers enrolling in the graphical sector.

So to speak, Click Art BD Ltd is helpful to all those clients and companies who are interested to work with the illustration to make a perfect vectorize image or product for their business marketing.

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