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Hi-end jewelry retouching tutorial using photoshop

12 February

Jewelry retouch

Jewelry retouching is a very complex thing. Depending on the essential goal, we will choose essential styles of jewelry photo retouching and suitable tools to retouch jewelry.

retouching before after

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Today we are going to see how to retouch jewelry with Photoshop filters-

Step 1:

Copy background layer and select a hue/saturation layer and select the hue/saturation layer on the copy layer.

jewelry retouching service

Step 2:

Draw path with the pen tool on the layer to duplicate the ring

jewelry retouching service

Step 3:

Go to select inverse to apply a solid color

jewelry retouching service

Step 4:

Soon you can see I applied pure white background for the ring

jewelry retouching

Step 5:

Bring white stone as diamond to place just up on the layers. Pick stone and place on the ring like above the image

jewelry retouching service

Step 6:

Apply shadow with the pen tool and apply it on the black shed with Gaussian blur

jewelry retouching service

Step 7:

Select ring body with a pen tool to retouch its color and smoothness

jewelry retouching service

Step 8:

Select the hue/saturation adjustment layer to retouch the portrait

jewelry retouching service

this is the final output for the retouching-

jewelry ring retouch

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