Natural Shadow

The Shadow which is created on the basis of main Shadow is called Natural Shadow. For any image looking lucrative, natural looking, looking beauty must need Natural Shadow and only for creating Natural Shadow one main object adjust with new Background.

Our quality of Natural Shadow Services:

Natural Shadow Before After Image

Natural Shadow Before After Image

The Natural Shadow is created our experienced designers. Natural Shadow is not easy to create if the proportion of the color is not right; the Shadow can’t adjust with the main background which one want to add. Our experienced designers manually do the Natural Shadow. Here our designers use Photoshop and Clipping Path the main object and then Clipping Path the main Shadow which are present in the main object. Then reduce the color opacity. Here most of our Natural Shadow clients give the percentage of the Shadow and designers are doing that on the basis of that percentage.

Why we different from others:

We respect the instruction which my clients give us for Natural Shadow Services.

We always upload any kinds of Natural Shadow Services before 2 or 3 Hours ago before deadline

Our prices for Natural Shadow vary on the basis of time frame and total bulk of images. If clients want more processing images within short time we provide .5 times more compare with regular price and if anyone give us the images regular basis we provide 2% discount if the price will be 2000 US$. And if the price is 4000 we provide 3% discount on the total price.

For Low budgets clients we provide high quality but in this situation we take some time more compare with regular time basis.

So we are one who gives high quality for our any kinds of customers. We believe, high quality services always give us best feedback and it will be after long time.

If any kinds of Natural Shadow Services related question arise please inform me, we always with you and get fast response since we are 24 hours online.