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How to apply snow fall on a portrait using Photoshop photo conversion

31 July


Winter is my preferred season. But taking pictures in winter can be a test, nothing adds to the attractiveness of winter scenery like falling snow, But how do you take pictures of snow if it isn’t snowing?

Thankfully, Photoshop makes it simple to generate realistic falling snow and add it to your photo level if it wasn’t snowing when you capture them. All it takes to create snow in Photoshop is a couple of filter and adjustment layers which we can call photo-conversion

photo conversion before after

Let’s see how this process works-


Step 1:

Open selected image in the canvas and add a new layer to rename it “snow “

photo conversion

Step 2:

GO to edit  fill use black content  ok

photo conversion

Step 3:

You can see full black color applied to the canvas

photo conversion

Step 4:

Select filter  noise  add noise

photo conversion

Step 5:

Apply amount 25% distribution –Gaussian, mark selected on monochromic

photo conversion

Step 6:

Change blending mode into a screen

photo conversion

Step 7:

Filter  blur  motion blur to apply motion blur

photo conversion

Step 8:

You can set angle and distance together

photo conversion

Step 9:

select level from hue/adjustment layer and right click on the layer panel to create clipping mask

photo conversion

Step 10:

Finally, adjust the snow for giving the natural looking to slide the input and output level for the image editing

photo conversion


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