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How to do beauty retouch in Photoshop for model image

30 April

Beauty retouch synopsis

Beauty retouch is probably one of the most admired function areas in Adobe Photoshop which is worn expansively. There are two easy reasons for beauty retouch service. First, Photoshop offers a multiplicity of superior tools to smooth out skin and hair, optimize body magnitude and highlight some beautiful details. And second, if you have a quantity of knowledge with Photoshop it is effortless to learn the beauty retouch fundamentals.

photoshop beauty retouch before after

Why beauty retouching

Glamour Correction is also synonyms of beauty retouch technique. We can do beauty retouching in some several problems. Such as – Glamour Correction, Red Eye removal, Jewelry Retouching, Matching, Changing Replacing Colors, Apparel Retouching, Missing Areas and Parts Restoration etc. Therefore, most of all these problems you can solve rapidly for stunning results with Photoshop beauty retouching criteria

Beauty retouch tutorial

Step 1:

First of all, open the image in the background and duplicate the layer as well

beauty retouch in photoshop

Step 2:

Go to image adjustment ≥ level to adjust the input-output level of the photograph

beauty retouch in photoshop

Step 3:

After the level adjustment need to edit the brightness level of the portrait

photoshop beauty retouch

Step 4:

add a new layer; choose mode as an overlay and active the bounding box of last option which appears

photoshop image editing

Step 5:

Select dodge tool; activate range midtone; exposure 25% to brush the skin color tone to make it brighten

photoshop photo editing

Step 6:

Choose burn tool to bring back hair portions original color and sheds by activating shadow with exposure 50%

photoshop photo retouching

Step 7:

Take a new layer from the bottom of layer panel and brush the lips to paste a nice lipstick sample which we previously picked. Consequently, Pick as much as sample color adjusting to the portrait surroundings as well

photoshop photo retouching

Step 8:

Seems like we paste the perfect color; now we need to change blend mode as multiply to blend the color to adjust with the original skin

photoshop photo retouching

Step 9:

Finally, we can see, lipstick is paste so perfectly and skin become so glow and super attractive

beauty retouch in photoshop

So here is the final output of our tutorial of beauty retouch –

beauty retouch in photoshop

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