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How to apply cartoon effect on a portrait in Photoshop

03 August

Cartoon effect

How about a fun effect for your extremely tedious photo albums? create a cartoon effect book effect for your photo is simple and the results are visually attractive. More enjoyable is achieve when adding up captions to your photo using comic book fonts and design elements.

comic effect before afterThis tutorial will demonstrate you how to present a cartoon effect look to your photo with a couple of filters and some additional decoration.


Step 1:

Open image in the canvas

comic effect

Step 2:

Copy the desired image twice by (ctrl+J) in layer 1 and layer 1 copy

comic effect

Step 3:

Rename the layer color halftone and the poster edge

comic effect

Step 4:

Hide the color halftone layer and select the poster edge layer; go to the filter  gallery

comic effect

Step 5:

Edge thickness- 2, edge intensity – 1

comic effect

Step 6:

Again go hue/adjustment layer from the layer panel and select vibrance

comic effect

Step 7:

Increase the vibrancy level from the vibrance level

comic effect

Step 8:

Filter  pixelate  color halftone after unhide the color halftone layer

comic effect

Step 9:

Change the blending mode into the soft light from the blending mode of the layer panel

comic effect

Step 10:

If you are satisfied with the image save the JPEG format of the portrait

comic effect

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