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How to remove the background with channel mask in Photoshop

09 January

Alpha Channel masking service

Channel Masking is also called Alpha channel masking which is useful to remove translucent or semi-transparent images and images having flying hair and their original background. Channel masking is also known as a soft mask and helps in efficient color partition and color correction of product from its images and done with knowledge by a highly skilled team of graphic designers of Click Art BD LTD

channel masking photoshop

If you need to remove a background from an image that features hair or fur, advanced image masking will produce more precise and accurate results than clipping path. It’s a tough task for large size images. Attention to each detail that is essential to achieving edited photos that look tremendous and will convince consumers to buy the product.

Photoshop masking

Tutorial for channel masking-

Step 1:

Open the background image on the canvas and image to copy on another layer

channel masking

Step 2:

Take a new layer transparent to give it a solid color; then bring that layer down just under background layer

Photoshop channel masking

Step 3:

Go to channels where blues the channel and copy it as a blue copy because the image seems so much darken in that channel

Photoshop channel masking

Step 4:

Select the blue copy layer to work further

Photoshop channel masking

Step 5:

Draw a path around the skin area to deselect the part

Photoshop channel masking

Step 6:

Press (Alt+backspace) to apply black color and then go to a select - inverse
To select outside an area of the selection

Photoshop channel masking

Step 7:

Adjust output levels to match up with black from the skin to exact in hair

Photoshop channel masking

Step 8:

Go to image adjustment invert

Photoshop channel masking

Step 9:

Now just click on the (load channels selection) in the bottom of the layer panel

Photoshop channel masking

Step 10:

Go back to the layers panel and press (add layer mask) on the background copy layer

You will see the background is altered with the solid color you choose previously

Photoshop channel masking


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