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How to place the image in a shape with Photoshop clipping mask

30 July

Clipping mask

In this tutorial, you will learn how to place the image in a shape with Photoshop by clipping mask. As you can see, Photoshop makes it simple to put a photo into any kind of shape, from a fundamental rectangle or round shape to a fancy custom shape.

place image in a shape

For this tutorial, I am using one of Photoshop’s ready-made custom shapes. But once you’ve learn clipping mask process to follow the steps, you can start insert pictures into any shape you like!

Let us start the tutorial-


Step 1:

Set the new document accordingly 2000 pixels width and height resolution 72 ; and background content to white color

clipping maask

Step 2:

From the toolbar select custom shape tool

clipping mask

Step 3:

Load all the custom shape by selecting all from the top of the list

clipping mask

Step 4:

Choose your choice of shape, here I choose butterfly shape.

clipping mask

Step 5:

You can see a shape is created on the canvas press (ctrl+T) to free transform the shape base on your need

clipping mask

Step 6:

Paste black color on the shape the rough image can’t be, place if the shape does not hold fill color

clipping mask

Step 7:

Open the desire image you want to place on a shape

clipping mask

Step 8:

Copy the image from another tab and paste it on the shape on a separate layer

clipping mask

Step 9:

Here you can see image layer is place just appear on the shape layer

clipping mask

Step 10:

Go to layer  Create clipping mask  to mask the image between the shapes

clipping mask

Step 11:

As a result, an image is placed just on the butterfly shape layer which seems so interesting

clipping mask

Step 12:

Choose the background layer and paste black foreground color over it to highlight the butterfly image more clearly

clipping mask

Thanks for visiting our tutorial. We Click Art BD LTD family is always for you to give the best solution for any type of complex photo editing.

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