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How to work with Photoshop clipping path process for photo editing

27 July

Clipping path

We know the clipping path is a very well-known photo editing workplace where an image can strongly edit its full environment through changing its background portion. Moreover, In Photoshop, clipping path process is a basic photo editing tool that must be using while photo manipulation and masking over the image.

clipping path before after

Similarly, This process is  what is basically an outline created image

It allows cropping of the desired image and can determinedly change the background of it.

To do so, need to choose the image or object outline with the pen tool. Apply, the clipping process by selecting path instead of layer.

pen tool

By pressing the Crtl button along with the path (ctrl+J) to copy the entire object into a new transparent layer

pen tool

Select the whole image outline. Go to the background layer and change entire background of it.

clipping path

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