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How to do color correction in Photoshop for image editing

04 May

Color Correction defines

Color correction is used for Color Separation. For every single part or colors of an Object Need Color Paths or Alpha Masking Layers. Color correction is the process where we can replace a particular color of a portrait for the betterment of the looking and give it an attractive faultless finishing.

color correction before after


The color correction command in Photoshop Creates effects by allowing switching one set of colors for another. It builds a mask, with colors you select, and then replaces the selected colors along with others that you specify. You can adjust hue, saturation, and lightness of the masked colors.

Step 1:

First of all, Open an image and duplicate it into a new layer

color correction

Step 2:

Go to select- color range; to change the color

photoshop color correction

Step 3:

The color range box will appear where we need select specific color zone which we want to replace

color correction photoshop

Step 4:

Of course, adjust the fuzziness so that it does not affect outside areas of the particular color zone

color correction photoshop

Step 5:

Thus, We can see there are selection areas shown on the object shirt color which we pick to replace

replace color photoshop

Step 6:

Now we have to change the color of the selected area. For that go to hue/adjustment layer from bottom of the layer panel

photoshop color correction

Step 7:

Move the hue and saturation percentage slider to replacing the particular single objects color rather than fix a particular digit

photoshop color correction

So here is the output –

photoshop color correction

Multiple object color correction

Therefore, Color correction is one of the best services in Photoshop. The Multicolor Paths are called Multicolor Clipping Path. Multicolor objects for replacing colors edited with some particular tools with Photoshop-like hue/saturation adjustment, color range, clipping path etc. Consequently, you can also change the color of multiple objects same color at a time effortlessly.


Another time, select the multiple object image and bring the color range box as same as previously I described

multiple color correction

Step 9:

Due to a problem now you can face is some areas of that particular color will affected after selecting with the eyedropper. This area needs to adjust fuzziness correctly. So that click with quick selection on minus to keep safe unwanted areas to spoil

multiple color correction

Step 10:

As a result, hue/saturation layer can replace with its slider to paste a color base on your requirement

multiple color correction

 final output for multiple color correction-

multiple color correction

In this tutorial, we have already discussed how to correction color of any photography.I hope this can be so helpful to everyone if you follow exactly this step by step procedure.

Thanks for visiting our tutorial.We Click Art BD LTD family is always for you to give the best solution for any type of complex photo editing.

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