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Photoshop colorize tutorial with Photoshop for photo conversion

26 March

Colorize an old photograph refers to transform an old photograph into a modern coloring gesture full image by applying a few Photoshop filters. A Black and White photo is simple, but Coloring it fine is a different story. Since there are so many diverse colors there in a normal photograph–it can be very hard to imitate that range.

Today I will give you some great tips and tricks on how to color a Black and White image in a very short time. This is the equal method you would utilize if you required to create a photo correct, but it would need much more work of art.

Step 1:

Copy background image and apply to mask over the portrait

Step 2:

Click again on the masking edit in standard mode Q

Step 3:

Select layer go to adjustment layer solid color

Step 4:

Apply color fbb785 to altering skin color from solid color option

Step 5:

Change blending mode into “soft light”

Step 7:

Apply red lipstick on the layer after masking

Step 8:

Go to select  inverse to select the lips area

Step 9:

Same way apply color on the earrings on a new layer

Step 10:

You can terminate all the color individually following the tutorial

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