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How to cut out background in Photoshop using clipping path

03 May

Photoshop changing background

Cut out background refers to altering the entire surroundings of an object from a photograph. Hence, One of the most general questions arise while it comes to Photoshop is, “How do I change a background?” There is a variation of it—how do I shift rather like an object or a human being to a separate background, or cut out background

background change before after

Clipping Path

Probably, It is the process to achieve the Cutting boundary of the main Object with Photoshop pen tool. Pen Tool use is the best way to get rid of Background or manually Background Remove of an image for cut out background

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The best approach to cut out the background in Photoshop is clipping path service which we are going to apply for today’s tutorial-

Step 1:

First of all, Open an image and draw a path with pen tool of an object

background change

Step 2:

Another time, draw a path subtract inside the hand and hair object

photoshop background change


Select the path which is subtracted need to inverse; go to select the option on the menu bar and active inverse

photoshop background remove


Press delete the area by subtracting recently

photoshop background remove tutorial

Step 5:

Active path 1 of object outline and copy it as (ctrl+c) (ctrl+v) to another layer named layer 1

photoshop background change

Step 6:

Create a new file document and paste a suitable background color adjusting to the object

photoshop background remove

Step 7:

Finally, Copy and paste the object we cut out from the previous background by clipping path on this new background

photoshop changing background for photo editing

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My writing will be a success if this tutorial can be helpful to anyone. Thanks to all of you who visit and practice according to this steps

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