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How to fix damage photo in Photoshop

05 December

Fix damage photo

Damage photo repair becomes helpful when people want to admire the gorgeousness of not only contemporary photography but also of such pictures that were done decades before. But it is hard to be returned back at all. However, up-to-date photograph restoration services have proved that they are powerful sufficient to turn this wish to live.

restoration before after

Overdoing can ruin the whole attempt and we keep the original look and feel of imagery that we edit. We eliminate dust, cracks, creases, and rips as well as fine-tune contrast, color, and brightness in an ideal way so that the final output pleases you. Hence, our team of Click Art Bd LTD understands the client needs and maintain their precious photographs and provide the best digital image restoration results-

Today we are going to learn how to repair old photograph-

Step 1:

An open image on the background to duplicate the layer and go to curve from the layer adjustment

image restoration

Step 2:

Click auto once on the properties curve panel

image restoration

Step 3:

Press alt along with auto option to bring auto color correction box to bring back the original color

repair old photo

Step 4:

Open camera raw filter and adjust contrast, highlight, shadow for the image

repair old photo

Step 5:

Adjust amount, radius from the raw filter to increase the luminance

repair old photo

Here is the final image –

repairing old photo


Thanks for visiting my tutorial. We Click Art BD LTD family is always for you to give the best solution for any type of complex photo editing like background remove or other photo editing services

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