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How to make image enlarge with Photoshop for photo editing

01 August

Image enlarge

In Photoshop, usually, you can make an image small than its original size. But you can’t make it larger because of complexity due to losing its image quality. To make an image enlarge Photoshop really needs to do follow some list of steps to reach your desired goal.

enlarge photo before after

An image enlarge is the show of a digitized photo where the individual pixels are noticeable to an observer. This can happen accidentally when a low-resolution picture designed for a regular computer display is estimated on a large screen and each pixel become discretely viewable

Let’s follow the steps-


Step 1:

Open an image and go to image  image size

image enlarge

Step 2:

Change the resolution 300 and resemble image into bicubic automatic; customize width and height accordingly 2400 and 1500 pixels.

image enlarge

Step 3:

Double tab on the background layer to rename layer 0

image enlarge

Step 4:

Go to edit  reduce noise  adjust the option on basic settings base on your portrait

image enlarge

Step 5:

Consequently, go to filter sharpen  smart sharpen for furthermore editing

image enlarge

Step 6:

The appearing box needs to adjust amount 100, radius 5.0 and save the image

image enlarge

Step 7:

You can now compare how much photo is now looking enlarge

Photoshop image enlarge

So if you face any problem about image enlarge process you can solve them by following this steps. That way my writing will be a success.


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