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Photoshop mirror shadow effect tutorial for image editing

02 May


The consequence of mirror shadow

Mirror shadow effect is the high standard shadow effect which is generated side or below of the main Object.Because of that, when an object is existing with Mirroring Shadow can look extremely Professional and pleasant.

Consequently, when anyone walks beside river or Pond or we can put any object in front of Glass, We must observe a shadow and this shadow effect is called mirror shadow effect

mirror shadow before after

Why Photoshop mirror effect

Adobe Photoshop provides a user with an accessible, inventive platform for adding up effects and retouching photographs. Therefore, Mirror shadow effect in which one half of a photo is turned into a reflection of the other half can be achieved in just a few steps with Adobe Photoshop tools

In this tutorial, you’ll discover how to create a mirror shadow effect to the bottom of any images. This is a simple to apply the effect that can add some extra dimensionality and character to your images.

Step 1:

First of all, Open an image and draw a path with the pen tool on the canvas

mirror shadow effect

Step 2:

Copy object on another canvas which is transparent. Apply color on new canvas as the background

photoshop mirror shadow effect

Step 3:

Select a layer and copy it new layer named shadow. After that click on bounding box to apply flip vertical

shadow effect

Step 4:

Place shadow layer just under the original object layer and move it for perfect placing

shadow effect tutorial

Step 5:

Press shadow to add the layer mask on the object copy layer to apply gradient effect

photoshop shadow effect

Step 6:

It’s mandatory now to apply gradient so that select gradient tool to paste gradient down to up direction of the shadow add a layer mask

photoshop mirror shadow effect

Step 7:

Therefore, add a new layer to make the natural shadow under the original object layer 1.

mirror shadow effect

Step 8:

Give solid color for the drop shadow from the hue/saturation adjustment layer of layer panel box

mirror shadow photoshop

Step 9:

Add Gaussian blur effect on drop shadow we just create

photoshop mirror shadow tutorial

Step 10:

Zoom the center point of both original and shadow layer for next edit

mirror shadow effect

Step 11:

Use burn tool to adjust the center point of join area of both shadow outline

shadow effect tutorial

Step 12:

Finally, adjust the shadow layer which calls mirror shadow effect by changing 45% opacity

photoshop mirror shadow effect

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