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Skin retouch tutorial for apply glowing skin in Photoshop

15 May

Skin retouch

The skin retouch is a way of adjusting color and brightness to apply a proper glowing finishing of human skin with Photoshop filters. We see in journal photographs is not just a miracle to the studio-quality lighting – rather, it’s the effect of a skin retouch process you can imitate yourself with a single layer with a filter applied in Photoshop.

skin retouch before after

Optionally, you can mask the layer to apply the effect only to areas of the image; because the process makes the skin darken. You may also want a brighten image result after your editing is done.

Perception to skin retouch

Not many people are ever pleased with what they perceive in photos since they will predictably only focus on the negative parts and unfortunately, the camera always tell the truth. Even if you have smooth and healthy skin, there will be a lot of flaws to represent your looks.

Today here I am going to give a simple technique of steps to apply a glowing skin tone to an ordinary portrait of a girl. Hope you will enjoy the full of it and utilize on your image also.


Step 1:

Open your image on the canvas. Press (ctrl+j) to duplicate the background layer in another canvas.

skin retouching

Step 2:

Set “soft light” blending mode on the newly created layer from the drop-down menu

skin retouching

Step 3:

Go to filter blur Gaussian blur to apply a blur effect

skin retouching

Step 4:

Apply blurry effect to create an illusion of glowing skin, the effect varies depending on the amount of blurring. But remember that, there is no any fixed value of blur radius for all type of image. So you need to adjust the radius until you can’t satisfy yourself. When you satisfied you can stop right there.

skin retouching

Step 5:

Click “add layer mask” from the bottom of layer panel. As a result, automatic your foreground and background color will be black and white.

skin retouching

Step 6:

Paint with soft glow brush to hide of the layer corresponding to the area of the image which you want to remove the glow effect. For example hair, eyes, and cloths areas you want to remove the glowing effect. So that press I and X to minimize and maximize the brush size to accordingly complicated edges.

skin retouching

Step 7:

Another time, duplicate layer and set blending mode to “screen” this time.

skin retouch

Step 8:

You can notice on the image applied a huge light and shadow on all over the portrait.

skin retouching with photoshop

Step 9:

Press “add layer mask” in the same style as same as you did before. Of course, use a soft black brush, paint on the layer mask over parts of the photo that is too bright which hide the layer in those areas and darkening them

skin retouching with photoshop

Step 10:

Mask the eye portion zooming the portrait to bringing its original color

skin retouching with photoshop

Step 11:

After masking all the hair, eye and lips portion of a portrait, you can stop furthermore editing process and save the Jpeg format of the final output

skin retouching with photoshop

So here is the final output for this tutorial-

photoshop skin retouch

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My writing will be a success if this tutorial can be helpful to anyone. Thanks to all of you who visit and practice according to this steps

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