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How to Create Watercolor Painting Effect in Photoshop

08 June

Watercolor effect

A Watercolor effect refers watercolor paintings are a tremendously accepted art style that can be built-in into your design projects. But you don’t need to be a master artist to create such imagery when Adobe Photoshop can produce the realistic watercolor effect with a cocktail of built-in filters.

water painting before after

In today’s tutorial, I will give you an idea range of setting that will alter any image into a hand-made watercolor-style painting-


Step 1:

First of all, Open an image on the background layer to apply a watercolor effect

water color effect

Step 2:

Right click on the layer and select convert to smart object

water color effect

Step 3:

Therefore, Work with filter gallery from the option bar

water color effect

Step 4:

Most of all, Choose dry brush to filter the options slider on the options panel; brush size -1, brush detail – 50, texture- 1

water color effect

Step 5:

Also this time select cut out, number of levels – 8, edge simplicity- 0, edge density – 2

water color effect

Step 6:

Click on blending option beside the filter gallery and change blending mode into pin light

water color effect

Step 7:

Go to filter –> blur –> smart blur

water color effect

Step 8:

Adjust radius 5.0 and threshold 41.0

water color effect

Step 9:

Consequently, Decrease the opacity level for the blending mode screen

water color effect

Step 10:

Another time, filter à stylizeà find the edge to readjust the edited file twice

water color effect

Step 11:

Hence, need to change multiply option from normal mode for the portrait

water color effect

Step 12:

After multiplying you can see the newly edited file for the image

water color effect

Step 13:

After multiplying the blending mode need to decrease the opacity level for the portrait up to 30% while it looks very destructive on eyes.

water color effect

Step 14:

Finally, You can compare final edited image for the filtering option completed

water color effect



Since all the effects have been set up as part of a Smart Object, then watercolor picture effect can be applied to a substitute photograph by editing the contents of the Smart Object layer. Double click the Smart Object layer’s thumbnail to release them.PSD file. Paste in a dissimilar image then save and close the file. Therefore, Return to the main document to find all the effects have been directly applied to the new picture.

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