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How to place text behind an object with Photoshop for creating magazine covers

12 June

The text behind an object

The text behind an object is something what you often notice in magazine cover somewhere the title or text goes behind a person’s head & back. In this Photoshop tutorial, I explain to you how to run text at the back a portion of a photo. This is  It’s an efficient effect and may look tricky to a beginner. This Photoshop effect is really easy to do! And I’ll show you how easily place text behind an object in a photo with Photoshop! All you need is an image, some text, a quick selection and a layer mask! Let’s see how it works.

text behind object before after

Tutorial :

First, we will see how to place text behind an object with a quick selection tool

Step 1:

Open an image and place a text over the image

text behind object

Step 2:

Duplicate background layer on background copy and drag it to the top of the layer panel

text behind object

Step 3:

Now staying on background copy layer select the whole image with quick selection tool just like an image

text behind object

Step 4:

To place the text just back to the model layer; you need to go to the layer –> layer mask –>Reveal selection

text behind object

Step 5:

Just after selecting reveal selection all the text layer replace the model layer as you see in the image

text behind object

There is another easy way to place text behind object layer through the layer mask. Let us see what happened-

Step 6:

place text over the image again

text behind object

Step 7:

low the opacity of the text layer to identify the area need to mask

text behind object

Step 8:

Select black foreground color and take brush tool after clicking “add layer mask” on the layer panel

text behind object

Step 9:

Mask the area with a brush you need to show on the hiding of the both layer

text behind object

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