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The power of shadow effect in Photoshop for photo editing

07 June

Photoshop Shadow effects

In graphic design, the shadow effect is a fantasy to play a blackish background of the original objective on that’s exact background layer. It’s a shadow where an image is repetitive behind itself to generate the illusion that illustration component which looks like the shadow of an object.

power of shadow effects

Shadow effect Is a general and important work for Graphic Industries. A designer has to go through some certain process to perform the editing. Photoshop Shadow effect is one of them.

Consequently, a simple way of the sketch a drop shadow of a rectangular object is to draw a gray or black area under an offset from the object. In general, a drop shadow is a duplicate in black or gray of the object, drawn in a slightly different position.

We can differentiate 4 types of shadow effect

1. Natural shadow
2. Drop shadow
3. Mirror Shadow
4. Reflection Shadow

Most of these effects are processed by Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator. There are dissimilar types of software that also can work for the same type of effects. There is some information we need to know about these effects.

Natural Shadow

When an object needs to give a dramatic look such as mirror effect then the designer need to remove the background as per clients/buyers recommendation is refers natural shadow. Natural shadow is created by the object original shadow.

natural shadow


To create more lucrative looking, natural looking, making beautiful & giving natural view we use natural shadow. When an object transforms from its own background to a new one then we have to create a new shadow which called natural shadow effect. This effect available one previous background. Eventually, this effect can give the product a premium look.

Drop shadow

This shadow makes a digital photo more natural and creative.  It shows the depth of an object or product. It also desires 3D effect of that object surface. To make an eye-catching illustration effect drop shadow apply is the very greater way to look cheerful.

drop shadow

Sometimes shadow is not present in the original image of product or something advertising materials. On that time, we add Background with the main Object; For looking profitable to any image in the Background we must need to use Drop Shadow with Photoshop and alter with Background.

Mirroring Effect

It is one kind of shadow which is formed on exact in front of an Object to demonstrate the whole surface of that main object. Which plays an effortless soften blackish layer.

mirror shadow

If An Object is presented with the Mirroring Shadow effects that give any image a very Professional Looking.

Reflection Shadow

The shadow which is created on the basis of Reflection like product shadow below the Glass or Water. For any image looking lucrative, Reflection looking, looking beauty must need Reflection Shadow and only for creating Reflection Shadow one main object adjust with the new background.

reflection shadow

This is the basic type of Shadow effect which plays like mirror effect & used so often in Graphic Industries. The general use of shadow effect to make the object productive, Beautiful, Natural and draw attention from the audience. There is no shadow effect as much as attractive as a reflection shadow to represent a decorative product.

Factors to creating shadows

Highly experienced designers create these Shadows with Adobe Photoshop According to Buyer Requirements. When the proportion of the color isn’t right in an image, Shadow effect with Adobe Photoshop can create a drastic change so easily. Most of all the clients who need them all these Shadow effects, have given us the percentage of the Shadow and then designers work based on creating Drop shadow Manually and can adjust with Background on that.

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