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How to apply product reflection shadow in photoshop

30 November

Product Reflection Shadow

A reflection shadow creates it looks as if your product was photographed on a reflective surface, like a glass mirror. It’s a delicate effect that doesn’t divert from the product itself, and it can construct a customer feel like an item is on the present in a clean and well environment. It is most effectual for items that are frequently sold in stores with brightly lit glass counters.

product retouch before after

Shadow effect Services of Click Art BD Ltd:

At Clipping Graphics, our designers have a huge understanding of image manipulation, depth, and texture and can create a perfect mirroring shadow for your photographs to look proficient. We are the professionals utilize upgrade photo shadow creating software and smudge tools to employ an extraordinary look.

Sometimes even original clicks can have reflections which seem unrealistic and thus can cause the overall essence of the photograph to be reduced in attractiveness. The key to achieving an outstanding outcome lay in the successful execution of image processing techniques. We are here to offer you with all the best services with high superiority at an affordable price.

Let’s see the process-

Step 1:

Open an image and select the edge with the pen tool on the background layer

reflection shadow

Step 2:

After selecting the edge press (ctrl+J) to copy the object on a transparent background

reflection shadow

Step 3:

Set new layer and change color into white

reflection shadow

Step 4:

Copy the object layer and rotate vertically to make the shadow layer. Delete layer with low opacity on a background

reflection shadow

Step 5:

For making the shadow of the handle of sunglass you need to cut out the area and paste the another layer

reflection shadow

Step 6:

Same way reduce the opacity of the layer with the eraser tool and delete the portions for creating reflection shadow

reflection shadow

This is the final image of reflection shadow

reflection shadow


Thanks for visiting my tutorial. We Click Art BD LTD family is always for you to give the best solution for any type of complex photo editing like background remove or other photo editing services

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