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How to remove skin blemishes in Photoshop

20 July

Remove skin blemishes

Remove skin blemishes refer to eliminating face spots with several Photoshop filters. Do you want to take away skin blemishes, scars or acne from your portraits? Some photography customers have a beauty spot that they don’t like or some blemishes on their skin that they want distant from their portrait. In this article, I will give you an idea about how to remove skin blemishes in Photoshop.

remove skin spots before after

There are several different tools you can apply to remove spots, scars, or blemishes from the face. For today’s tutorial, I will work with the masking; blur effect, inverting and spot healing brush due to removing skin blemishes

Tutorial :

Step 1:

An open image on the canvas and (ctrl+j) to duplicate it with new layer 1

remove skin blemishes

Step 2:

Go to image  adjustment  Invert

remove skin blemishes

Step 3:

You can see the whole image turns into invert like the negative effect

remove skin blemishes

Step 4:

Change the blending mode into vivid light ; so that image convert into a vivid light effect

remove skin blemishes

remove skin blemishes

Step 5:

Adjust high pass from filter option from a menu bar

remove skin blemishes

Step 6:

Change radius as much as the skin turns into blur all the spots on the face

remove skin blemishes

Step 7:

Apply Gaussian blur radius 1.0 pixels to reduce skin sharpness to hide the blemishes

remove skin blemishes

Step 8:

Press (alt+mask) to bring a mask layer beside the new copy layer

remove skin blemishes

Step 9:

Make sure foreground color white and background color back to brush the spots on the face along with masking

remove skin blemishes

Step 10:

As you can see spots are getting hide when applying brush on the skin with the masking

Step 11:

Take spot healing brush tool and click over the spots on the face; which are still exists there

remove skin blemishes

Step 12:

Bring new layer and apply red color on the lips

remove skin blemishes

Step 13:

Change blending mode into multiply

remove skin blemishes

Step 14:

Change the opacity to give a natural look on the face with lips color

remove skin blemishes

Step 15:

Finally, your portrait becomes clear skin without spots with Photoshop filters.

remove skin blemishes

In this tutorial, we have already discussed how to remove skin blemishes with photoshop filters. I hope this can be so helpful to everyone if you follow exactly this step by step procedure.

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