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Basics to Remove Wrinkles from Cloth using Photoshop

06 November

Remove wrinkles 

In any Photoshop portraits, it is very significant to pay thought to details, as some unnoticed parts can ruin the picture. Particularly it concerns the look of the model. Every professional retoucher should look at the photo carefully and classify imperfections, which mandatory to be corrected, such as wrinkles or folds. Moreover, in the graphics world, we may call it  repairing the damage photo

remove wrinkles before after

Without knowing how to remove wrinkles of cloth in Photoshop, you possibly will not get an appealing image output.

So today we are going to learn how you can remove wrinkles of cloth using Photoshop

Step 1:

An open image on the background and copy twice pressing ctrl J

remove wrinkles

Step 2:

Rename two layers low and high

remove wrinkles

Step 3:

Go to filter  blur Gaussian blur

remove wrinkles

Step 4:

Set Gaussian blurs 3.0 pixels

remove wrinkles

Step 5:

Go to image  Apply image

remove wrinkles

Step 6:

Set layer low, scale 2, and offset  128

remove wrinkles

Step 7:

Change blending mode into linear light

remove wrinkles

Step 8:

Choose a high layer from the layer panel

remove wrinkles

Step 9:

With the mixer, tool brush the wrinkles over the shirt base on the need

remove wrinkles

Step 00:

Move brush over the shirt and you will notice the change after it

Step 10:

You can do remove the wrinkles with another process; for that open image again and turn the basic changes of the temperature and tint

remove wrinkles

Step 11:

The open curve from the lower panel of the layer box

remove wrinkles

Step 12:

Set the following brush values and remove wrinkles from the image

remove wrinkles

Step 13: 

This is the final output

remove wrinkles


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